I need new tires approximately 4 times a year because I'm a terrible driver with bad tire luck. These guys always have my tires in stock used and are super cheap, helpful and friendly. They get you taken care of quick, without trying to take advantage of you. These guys rule

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 1/27/2012

I'm happy with the service you provided and I think the price you charged is fair.

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 11/19/2011

I love this place. They are a small business made up of people who are intelligent and capable. They work steadily, handling a smooth flow of business. I was especially impressed by the way the manager (guy on the phone making appointments and organizing the work) told the woman after me about the work needed by her car. It was not happy news for her, and he was so professional and upfront and helpful, it was really nice. I had to sit in one of two old chairs in the garage while they worked, but I don't mind knowing that I am not also paying for the real estate required for a lounge and a TV. I liked being in the midst of what was going on and watching. My brother tells me it is always a good idea to watch. I'm totally going back to them. thanks for the discount oil change!

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 11/4/2011

Came here when my car was about to break down and making some scary noises. They had a diagnosis within hours. They explained the issue to me in plain terms, and gave me multiple options for repair with different prices. My car was fixed in just a couple days and they did a great job. Nova is the main guy, super friendly and professional. They will get your in ASAP and do a great job. Highly recommend to people who are weary of mechanics for all the obvious reasons.

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 5/20/2011

United Alignment and the owner, Nova, are awesome! I originally went to get my wheels aligned and rotated ($60) and an oil change ($30). I asked Nova if he could check my tire pressure sensor as well and give me a quote on how much to fix it, since the light had been on for several months (the dealership had already quoted me $200+ to fix it). Nova said it would be $35 to diagnose the problem, but that if I chose to have it repaired with him, that the $35 would go towards the repair, which would run around $160/broken sensor. Sounds fair to me! I came to pick my car up, and the alignment and oil change went off without a hitch. Not only that, he never once tried to up-sell me, which I really REALLY appreciated (see my review on EZ-Lube, which I refuse to ever frequent again). He also told me about a very tiny leak with my water pump that should get looked at in the next couple months. And then, for the kicker, he told me the tire pressure sensor didn't actually seem broken and that he'd fiddled with it and it seems to be fine now. I was only charged the $35 diagnosis fee for what the dealership quoted $200+ to me for. Hoorah!! Nova was totally upfront and honest about all costs and never tried to upsell or get me to pay for unnecessary repairs. I plan to go to him for all my automobile needs from now on, and I've already recommended him to several of my friends!

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 1/7/2011

I made an appointment for an alignment on my truck. Nova was awesome and got me in and out in under an hour. The price is fair and the service fast and friendly.

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 10/10/2010

Nova and United Alignment and Tire Center are great! I found out about this place from yelp of course, and decided to go in once I found out that all 4 of my tires needed to be replaced asap and I also needed an alignment. I dropped off my car and then Nova called me with tire prices and all that. He explained the benefits of all of them (I suck at car knowledge) in a way that I could understand in order to make my best decision. Plus since I got tires from him I got free alignment when it was needed! Awesome. Anyways, they replaced my tires and aligned my car and even picked me up from work to go get my car!! That was amazing. Plus, Nova is super nice and the business is family run so it made me feel even better about going there. Andddd he gave me a discount for making my appointment online! I'm down for anywhere that gives me low prices and discounts. That was about 8 months ago, and I just went back last week for a 90,000 mile check-up. Had a few things wrong and once again Nova and his team fixed everything perfectly at a really low cost. Definitely an honest place and will go back for all my car needs! Best yelp find yet! Totally recommend it.

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 9/8/2010

So I just recently moved from the West Side to the Valley. It's no surprise to anyone that a good and trustworthy mechanic is hard to find. You figure it shouldn't be but it is. For this reason, I was so attached to my old mechanic(another favorite of yelp) that I would drive 40 minutes down 405 just to have my oil changed by him. Finally, I decided that it was time to break the umbilical and find me a new "care taker" for my 98 lexus es300 closer to my new home.So once again I turn to yelp as it has turned into my oracle to find a good...just about anything. United Alignment and Tire Center turned up. Using an oil change as a litmus, I came up on the monday after 4th of July(when most places were closed) and met Nova. He was very personable and a straight-shooter, no bs. That may not sound like much of a compliment until you have been on a mechanic hunt yourself and know how rare it is to find a mechanic that will tell you the ways things are and not bs you. my mobil 1 oil change ran about $85, which was norma, and tire rotation with balancing was another $40. Everything took about an hour, walked up the street to have breakfast and when I got back it was done, nice.Nova is now putting in a rebuilt AC compressor for my car tomorrow. It was a problem that was diagnosed by my other mechanic. I tested Nova with without telling what the sound was coming from my hood. He gave me the same diagnosis almost instantly. So much for a test. It was very apparent to me very quickly that Nova knew his stuff. I originally would have just given them 4 stars. But I looked up at my winshield after I got my car back, the oil change sticker said the next oil change was TEN THOUSAND miles later. I always knew that synthetic oil change interval was at 10k, but this is the first time (I've been driving for 20 years, 12 in this car) ever that a mechanic wrote the true interval for my oil change. Honesty, it goes a long way. That earned another star and my business for as long as I'm in the area. All you other hacks, I hope you learn something from this and other reviews for this place.

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 7/7/2010

There's a good reason this place is all 4 and 5 stars. Nova is the MAN. and he's totally TRUSTWORTHY and cool. Not all that many mechanics you can say that about. Also, for selfish reasons, I like that it's tucked away...which means you might miss it, and my car will get in and out a lot quicker. I've had a few jobs done here, and literally was in and out in under an hour. Walk to Denny's, grab a cup of coffee and some buttermilk pancakes, and go back and pick up your car. No bullshit, no price-gauging, and an honest, well-educated opinion about the health of your vehicle...go SuperNova, go United.

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 4/19/2010

I had a good experience here. I noticed that one of my tires was getting low, after putting in air. I knew I needed a rotation (it's been a while) so I called and made an appointment. Nova checked out my tires and showed me the problem, it was a nail. But then he showed me another problem happening with the other tire and the tread was broken. Since I knew my tires were old and cracking this could be a problem soon. I decided to take care of the two tires for now and he cut me a deal with the alignment. He was really courteous and told me some other things to keep an eye on since I'm reaching 100,000 miles, but no pressure, just informative.

4 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 1/28/2010
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