Referred here for alignment by Jesse of NoHo Tires, a place I trust and appreciate, and their word has proven gold- United Alignment Tires is a down to earth, honest work place that boasts of experience and genuine ethic. Aside from affordable service, Nova's employees made sure I was aware of all the things to watch out for on my vehicle without trying to sell me a single fix- and even helped me fasten a loose mirror, free of charge.They care about their business and therefore about their customers.

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 9/24/2014

quick, efficient and professional service. recommend!

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 8/7/2013

This place is great. I got a deal for oil changes here. I needed some other stuff done to my car on my second visit, and the mechanic was super chill about it. He recommended it, but there was no pressure. I did it anyway, because of the great reviews on here and because he seemed to be legit. It was hard to get an appointment on a Saturday, but I guess not everything can be perfect. Still, I'm sure I'll take my car back here if something goes wrong.

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 8/29/2012

This shop covers everything except smog checks, not just alignments and tires. And, they do it with integrity and care. I have used this shop many times and have total confidence in United Alignment to treat me with respect and honesty. Call for an appointment and see for yourself. Tell Nova you used my review as a reason for chooosing United Alignment. As Nova is fond of saying, "360 degrees of satisfaction and care."

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 6/28/2012

This place couldn't be more helpful! A lifetime customer here, thats for sure.

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 5/11/2012

nova and his guys are great! i've been coming here since i started driving (sneaking up on 10 years now!) and nova has always been my go to guy to fix me up. my dad has been a customer of his for years, and takes all our family's cars to nova. he pretty much refuses to go to anyone else.he's straight forward, honest, and explains what's going on, in simple enough terms even for a car novice like myself. his prices seem reasonable enough to me, and hey, there's the yelp checkin offer for 10% off which he honors. he does great work!the only problem is that if you're waiting long for a repair, there isnt much in the area that you can get to by foot to spend your time. i wouldn't want to hang out there for much longer than an hour. bring a magazine and some headphones if you expect to camp out here...

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 4/17/2012

I need new tires approximately 4 times a year because I'm a terrible driver with bad tire luck. These guys always have my tires in stock used and are super cheap, helpful and friendly. They get you taken care of quick, without trying to take advantage of you. These guys rule

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 1/27/2012

I'm happy with the service you provided and I think the price you charged is fair.

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 11/19/2011

I love this place. They are a small business made up of people who are intelligent and capable. They work steadily, handling a smooth flow of business. I was especially impressed by the way the manager (guy on the phone making appointments and organizing the work) told the woman after me about the work needed by her car. It was not happy news for her, and he was so professional and upfront and helpful, it was really nice. I had to sit in one of two old chairs in the garage while they worked, but I don't mind knowing that I am not also paying for the real estate required for a lounge and a TV. I liked being in the midst of what was going on and watching. My brother tells me it is always a good idea to watch. I'm totally going back to them. thanks for the discount oil change!

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 11/4/2011

Came here when my car was about to break down and making some scary noises. They had a diagnosis within hours. They explained the issue to me in plain terms, and gave me multiple options for repair with different prices. My car was fixed in just a couple days and they did a great job. Nova is the main guy, super friendly and professional. They will get your in ASAP and do a great job. Highly recommend to people who are weary of mechanics for all the obvious reasons.

5 United Alignment Tire & Auto Repair Center 5/20/2011
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